Secure Cloud Computing for Semiconductor Design and Collaboration

Our mission is to provide a secure, private, and high performance cloud computing infrastructure for scientific and engineering applications.

Our initial focus is to establish cloud computing centers for universities and research institutions across the world with turn-key semiconductor design workflows. We also provide practical and hands-on IC design training packages developed by leading universities around the world.

Our private computing cloud leverages high performance virtualization technology, both computationally and speed of provisioning. We provide a novel security model for semiconductor eco-system providers and users through a proprietary technology based on thin clients with a customized Operating System and individualized Role-Based-Access-Control (RBAC) policy enforcement.

A secure and trusted environment will enable universities and research institutions access to leading edge manufacturing technologies (PDK), state of the art design tools and the latest cloud computing technologies. Turn-key IC design infrastructure will unburden the users from the cost and complexity of developing and maintaining design flows. Cloud based IC design enables global collaboration among universities and between universities and industry.

We are in varying levels of engagement with several countries around the world to establish national semiconductor design and computing centers.

Silicon Cloud International Pilot Programs

Silicon Cloud International (SCI), a provider of secure and private cloud computing infrastructure, sponsors pilot program launch of its semiconductor workflow platform in Singapore, UAE, and Malaysia. The pilot program included trials by the universities using the SCI platform. The launch kickoff events were attended by about 65 professors, researchers, semiconductor industry leaders, and university students.

SCI’s cloud-based environment is used to guarantee consistency of the virtual platform, the tools used, and the data generated with laser focus on IP protection and security.

SCI provides an end to end semiconductor design infrastructure that is maintenance-free and provisioned with the latest semiconductor process technologies, production grade workflows, semiconductor Intellectual Property (IP), and Electronic Design Automation (EDA) software. SCI’s common and consistent infrastructure enables global semiconductor development and research collaboration, improves time to market, and provides secure access to leading edge EDA tools, process libraries and IP cores.

Universities have been unable to collaborate on semiconductor design due to incompatible workflows, different EDA tool environments, IP security concerns and complexity in setting up common design environments. Silicon Cloud addresses these issues with its cloud-based, secure semiconductor workflow platform.

Professor Yeo Kiat Seng, Associate Provost (Graduate Studies and International Relations) at SUTD, said: “With the increased complexity of today’s semiconductor designs, research collaboration amongst semiconductor research groups is critical to improve design efficiency. The multi-disciplinary environment at SUTD together with its world-class faculty will help our industry partners to accelerate the pace of innovation, both technically and in terms of generating new intellectual properties targeting a broad range of applications, including system-on-chip for future smartphones, storage, tablets and computers.”

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